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Simple Sudoku

Developer Angus Johnson

Simple Sudoku is a simple yet fun sudoku puzzle with multiple options. It has 5 levels of difficulty, but only one board 9x9 size. The ...

Simple PDF Merger

Developer Ultrawire

Simple PDF Merger is a free and simple utility to join PDF documents the easy way. Its extremely self-explanatory and ...

Simple File Shredder

Developer scar5 Software

Simple File Shredder is a tool that securely removes your files and private data from your computer so that the data can no longer be restored ...

Simple Registry Cleaner

Developer Simple Studio

Simple Registry Cleaner can locate and correct problems in the Windows registry, such as missing references to shared DLLs, unused ...

Simple Worship

Developer Slashback Associates, Inc.

A simple presentation tool designed to show Church song lyrics line by line. However, it can be used for any other purpose that requires showing ...

A Simple Unit Converter

Developer Mark Doktor

A Simple Unit Convertor will convert units in a simple, fast, reliable and fully customizable fashion. It has all the units you can think ...

Simple DVD Creator

Developer videohelp

Simple DVD Creator is a simple DVD authoring application. Just load mpg, ts or m2v/mpv files and author a simple ...

Simple Warehouse Mapper

Developer Wild Mouse Software

The free Simple Warehouse Mapper uses a simple 3D simulation technique known as Isometric maps to provide a ...

Simple Backup

Developer Aigars Mahinovs

The Simple Backup suite, short just SBackup, is a simple backup solution for Gnome desktop. All configuration is accessable via Gnome interface. ...

Simple AI

Developer R.R. Nederhoed

Simple AI is a project which gives you a simple 2D world for playing with Artificial Intelligent actors. It contains of ...

HP Simple Backup

Developer Hewlett-Packard

HP Simple Backup program is popular among many users of CD-RW drives. This not complicated and handy enough in use ...

Simple Menu

Developer Allagma Technologies Inc

Simple Menu can be used in any food establishment like dining restaurants, take out restaurants, cafeterias, bars and retail stores. ...

Simple Speech

Developer PAL Software Designs LLC

The goal of Simple Speech is simple: to provide an intuitive, easy-to-use speech-generating communication interface that is also a ...

Simple Miner

Developer Gold Harvest Macro Solutions

Simple Miner is a next generation automated mining macro for use with the MMORPG EVE-Online. This macro is fully automated and will run 23 hours a ...

Animation- Simple

Developer Sven Drieling

Animation- Simple, is a Simple animation example with KeyFrame. Using Oracle java, you can import ...